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Line Locating

Due to high demand, we provide Line Locating Services, Basic Principles and Fundamentals of Line Locating II (BPFII) Certified. Being Journeyman Electricians, we are familiar with the theory of electromagnetic (EM) field and operate locators that are designed to be the most accurate, fastest and integrated on the market. The use of maps is a part of our Due Diligence in the efficiency of the Locate. An accurate locate saves lives, maintains safe work distances from the buried facilities, resulting in project completions in a safe and timely manner.

Our services are available in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Headquarters in Regina, SK.

Sask 1st call is a "Call Before you Dig" a service provided to anyone who is planning to dig or excavate. Contacting Sask 1st Call will proactively alert the Sask 1st Call Subscriber companies of plans to disturb the ground. Sask 1st Call does not represent that its system is a complete or comprehensive database of all underground facilities, only those of the subscriber companies. Excavators must still obtain locates from other underground facility owners who are not currently subscribers with Sask 1st Call. Call 1-888-828-4888 or go online at